The Lantmännen colour scale

Green is our colour. Our colour scale is sourced from where we come from, from the fields and their changing shades. The impression of Lantmännen must be green, preferably in different shades. We start with our primary green colour and add lighter or darker shades as required.

The Lantmännen colour scale

Together with logotypes and typefaces the colour scale is what creates recognition. Lantmännen uses a green colour scale. Green stands for many positive values such as natural, sensitivity and harmony and green gives a sense of a sprouting development.

The green colour scale
All of Lantmännen’s communication is based on the green colour scale, which consists of a green primary colour and five supporting identity colours.

Function colours
The green colour scale is complemented by three colours with specific functions.

  • A blue colour kick that is used e.g. to accentuate and highlight a graphic element. It should not be used as a background colour or overpower the green in a layout.
  • A sand coloured background colour for e.g. solid colour areas.
  • A grey text colour that can replace 100% black text where the latter is perceived as contrasting too strongly with the background.

Colours for information graphics
This colour scale may only be used for information graphics, not in layouts as primary color.

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Color values





Color values for information graphics


This color scale are in first hand dedicated for information graphics, not as a primary color in layout.


By using colour with transparency, we can insert larger green areas in a layout without making it seem flat. This also contributes to an impression of a multilayer layout - “layers on layers”.

Transparency in Photoshop
Transparency is created by multiplying the solid colour areas in the image. Choose a green colour that makes the image stand out and at the same time ensures a contrast with texts.

You can also use a white solid colour area. Instead of multiplying the solid area against an image, lower the opacity property value: adapt this value for the image being used.


The green and burgeoning impression is created by combining the green colours with each other.

Check the contrast and readability by choosing colour pairs separated by two or three steps on the colour scale.

Read more about how to create and use text boxes in the Layout  section, you can also read Design Elements and Inspiration Examples.