Graphical object

The silhouette

The silhouette is an identity element for Lantmännen which illustrates the chain from field to fork.

The silhouette creates recognition and can be used to replace images and illustrations, for example in recruitment ads.

Variants of the standard version can be used to create variation within or between different communication units. A number of special variants of the silhouette have been created for the business areas which are not directly related to food and agriculture.

Colour and format
The colour of the silhouette is always our primary green. The height of the lower edge of the silhouette is normally 3 n where “n” corresponds to the height of the n in Lantmännen, but can be reduced to 2 n if necessary to achieve a smaller height.

The silhouette works well at the end of an item of printed material or in a footnote.


Examples where the silhouette is used as graphic detail in the office environment.

New graphic solution

Our new graphic solution of the silhouette builds on the same graphic style as our pictogram language.

The silhouette illustrates the chain from field to fork where the different stages have clear symbols, which can vary as required. The area of use is more free than the previous silhouette.

The silhouette and pictograms are updated continuously. If you do not have the symbols get in touch with