Our updated identity includes a large number of pictograms. They are intended to illustrate an object or phenomenon. They also function as illustration styles to replace or complement an image.

Pictograms can be used creatively in layouts. 
Lantmännen’s pictograms can be magnified to catch one's eye or can be used to illustrate a flow or a chain of events. Pictograms can also be animated in for example information graphics.

Download the pictograms here

Lantmännen is updating its library of pictograms continuously. Do you need any symbols?
Please get in touch with  identity@lantmannen.com


Usage principles for our pictograms are shown here. The pictograms can be used with all shades of the green colour scale and the sand toned background colour.

Pictograms can be placed in a round solid colour area, in a circle or on their own. Check for contrast and clarity, especially when using the bicolour pictograms.

Download the pictograms here.

Lantmännen's pictogram

Lantmännen’s pictograms are shown here.

Download the pictograms here


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