We are proud to present Lantmannen Serif and Lantmannen Sans - our own typefaces. The transition from our old typefaces will take place gradually in all the Lantmännen channels. 


Lantmännen typefaces

Typography is an important component of our identity that creates recognition in the communication and therefore we make consistent use of the following typefaces:

Lantmannen Serif 
Forms the typographic platform in our visual identity. Used for headlines and body text. It comes in four different weights and is used in all our communication.

Lantmannen Sans
In addition to Lantmannen Serif there is Lantmannen Sans which is used in other contexts, for example in captions, tables and short factual copy. Lantmannen Sans comes in four different weights.

Download Lantmännen typefaces


We always use lower case/upper case text for best legibility.

If you want to accentuate individual words and sentences, use italics or the blue kick colour.

In headings Lantmannen Bold is used. 
Big headings give impression and create identity. Use short headings.
Based on the following settings:
Line spacing 95%
Letter spacing: 0
Kerning: Optical

Intermediate heading/introduction
Intermediate headers and introductions are set in Lantmannen Medium. 
Based on the following settings:
Line spacing 115%
Letter spacing: 0
Kerning: Optical

Body text
Body text is set in Lantmannen Regular. Columns are aligned to the left with as little punctuation as possible. 
Based on the following settings:
Line spacing 120%
Letter spacing: +5
Kerning: Metric


Microsoft Office environment

In the Lantmännen channels, we work exclusively with our own identity-building typefaces.

In Office environments where the recipient does not have Lantmännen’s typefaces installed Arial works in headings and Times New Roman in body text as a replacement for Lantmannen Sans and Serif.

Colour of headings

Our headings must be large and green. We also work with bicolour headings as a way of creating identity and recognition.

When we give the typography colour we increase the amount of green in a layout, introductions and intermediate headers should preferably be in green. 

Bear in mind that the green colours vary.