Social media

Handling of the guarantor in various channels

The warranty is presented in all cases where our product brands communicate. In social media it is primarily Facebook, Instagram and Twitter we are active and there we have directives and support for the use.

Instagram Directives, please contact

The Guarantor is placed to the right in the top image as shown here. The top image is displayed in different ways in Facebook depending on which device it appears in.

Download template

Facebook, size and placement

We always go from mobile mode and format 16: 9.
Then we ensure that the image is cropped as we want and that the guarantor gets the correct placement and size.

To your help, there is a photoshopmall where the Guarantor is already placed under these guidelines.


Size and placing

In the template, the image format is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The height of the flag will then be 200 pixels placed 200 pixels from the bottom.

Desktop and mobile