When we use the Guarantor

The purpose of the Guarantor is allways to support the product brands in the food sector.

The aim of the Guarantor is always to support the group's product brands and create cross-fertilisation between them and the Lantmännen brand. This increases awareness of Lantmännen and the values that Lantmännen is renowned for, which contributes to greater consumer interest in buying our product brands. At the same time, Lantmännen gains additional exposure and becomes more known, and thereby increasing the value of all the brands involved.

Activities with Lantmännen/Good Food where the main communicator is developed by or in cooperation with GF Communication & Brand. In central joint campaigns and depending on the media/unit, the standard and extended Guarantor with product logotypes can both be used.

If the message in the marketing communication cannot naturally be linked to Good Food, we do not use the Guarantor. This also applies if e.g. it creates a sense of there being a double communicator, it takes the key message from the communication/product brand or it visually competes with the product brand and in a number of other special cases. 

Read more about this further down the page.

The Non-Food Guarantor

We work with the same brand strategy and largely use the same graphic solution for non-food, with the biggest different being in the absence of formulations related to Good Food.

Individual modifications are made for each brand based on their respective brand platform.

For more information, please contact identity@lantmannen.com

Avoid using the Guarantor:

  • When the message is about something that is not naturally linked to Lantmännen's position and/or "Good Food". Then the Guarantor only confus the customer.s
  • When the final message in, for exampel a tv spot, is about the customer to enter the product brand's own website, Facebook or similar. Then it is important to get the communication to focus on just that and nothing else
  • When the Guarantor would be situated where there is no comprehensible visual connection between the product brand and the Guarantor. We do not want to confuse the consumers
  • When the Guarantor can be perceived as real sender of the communication. Product brand is supposed to be the hero
  • When the product brand exposures with other external brands within a single communication device/spot/activity. There will be too many brands.


Please contact David – david.lundgren@lantmannen.com – if you have questions or need assistance in the development process.

If you have questions about Lantmännen's core communication about Good food, you can contact Mark  – mark.robinson@lantmannen.com

Minimum size is 31 mm wide.

Different performances, for different occasions

The Guarantor consists of three components:

1. The button    2. The Flag    3. Text message

The button is located on top of the flag with shadow, while the text message is placed in the flag. The flag is lying, left or right, and must not be turned upside down.
The tab should always point inwards towards the center of the carrier / device, regardless of whether the Guarantor is used on a package, advertisement, roll-up or other device.

Minimum size is 31 mm.