Inspirational example

Here, we present examples of designs to inspire you. 

Inspiration examples - Publications

A few tips and reminders:

  • If possible, use large images with bleed. Balance images with white or paler sections.
  • Work with the whole green palette, starting with the main colour.
  • Headings should be large and bicoloured.
  • Pictograms are particularly suitable as vignette illustrations and can illustrate the subject in the text.
  • Use transparency in objects to create a “layers on layers” effect.




Inspiration example - Publications

  • Varying the column width makes it vivid and creates dynamism;
  • A narrow column width is good for short notices. Images or pictograms can be used, as well as illustrations for the text.

Examples for inspiration - Publications

  • Here a solid area is used with transparency to make the heading clear against a moving image.
  • The solid area and pictogram delineate the type area.

Examples for inspiration - Publications

  • Here the image on the left side is cropped so that it delineates the type area.

Examples for inspiration - Publications

  • The page division can be replaced for variation and effect.
  • The quotation hangs down from the top of the page and delineates the column’s start in the left hand edge

Examples for inspiration - Publications

  • Infographics placed in images visually bind the content of the publication.
  • Use several green shades for a germinating impression. Keep in mind that if the dark colours of the green palette are used on large surfaces, it is important to balance the layout with light sections and other green colours.

Inspiration Example - Promotional FIlms

In promoitional films the focus is on the message. Typography and logotype are the main graphic elements used.

Inspirational example - Websites

Lantmännen is a group with a common brand and shared values where it is important to act consistently in all material that is produced and in the way of action.

Our visual identity forms the basis for this, and the graphical solutions can be flexible depending on the situation, sender and recipient - but never be allowed to deviate from the guidelines contained in this manual.

For websites, Lantmännen secures a correct image through a common platform, the green theme (GWF). Some details of how it is handled are shown here.


All designs are based on function in digital channels and mobile mode.

Inspirational example - Websites, banners

Banners on web pages are a challenge both to format and channel. Here we try to get a quick recognition in high competition and big noise.

Image material is hard to find suitable for all formats, but works well when it succeeds. To stand out, we can work with a pure typographic solution.

Background color, Sand color, with a variety of green tones works well as easier options. As a variation of the content, pictograms can be used.


banner_5.png        banner_4b.png

Inspiration Example - Screens & Roll-ups
Logotypes, borderless images and characteristic typography create a clear communicator.

Develop flow and graphic solutions

Due to our form of information graphics, new solutions such as processes, etc. can be developed. Together with our pictogram this is a good way of visualising facts and information.

Examples for inspiration - Postcards

Focus on the message

On this invitation, the front is sparsely designed with an image adapted to the target group together with a clear "call to action" heading. The back is informative with clear text layouts, where place and date are clearly displayed.

Examples for inspiration - Accordion folder

Grid system - A tool for layouts

A “grid” is a tool to create consistent and balanced layouts. It consists of a number of guides (horizontal and/or vertical) and acts as a template where you place text, images and other objects on the grid’s lines.

The base consists of vertical lines that create a number of columns and spaces.

The example to the right shows how text columns can be made wider or narrower to vary a layout. The fixed space provides consistency and creates calm.

The horizontal base line is based on the size of the bread typography Text and headers can be placed at both the upper and lower guideline and can

Correctly used the grid system makes it easy to find consistency in the layout. Not only in print, but between several communication platforms. 

At Downloads and Image Bank you can download a grid for A4-format (Adobe InDesign).

Grid system - Example

Here we show a page spread where the grid system is visible and hidden