Lantmännen is an agricultural cooperative owned by Swedish farmers

Lantmännen is not a ordinary company. We are owned by 25,000 Swedish farmers with the task to contribute to the profitability of the farms and optimise the owners’ capital in the association.

Lantmännen works throughout the whole value chain from field to fork with market-leading operations within the processing industry, a long-term business partnership with farmers as well as research and innovation for the future’s food, bioenergy and farming.

We work both locally and in an international market and with grain at the heart of our operations, we refine arable land resources and contribute to a profitable and long-term development for people, animals and the environment.

You can read more about the company Lantmännen at

The Lantmännen brand has together with our well-known product brands products created success.

Lantmännen’s brand strategy and brand promise were launched in 2006. Our strategy and brand promise − Together we take responsibility from field to fork − set external frameworks for our entire business, for companies as well as product brands.

The Lantmännen brand today has − after more than 10 years of successful branding − a very high level of brand awareness in Sweden and a unique trust. Lantmännen is ranked as one of Sweden’s most sustainable brands. At the same time we developed both our communication and positioning of a number of our well-known product brands, such as AXA, Bonjour, Kungsörnen, GoGreen, Gooh, FINN CRISP, Schulstad and Vaasan 

Through continuous brand and communication work we have through the years created an increasingly stronger connection between Lantmännen and our product brands. The Lantmännen brand value forms a basis for trust and demand while the product brands concretise products and our offering.

The brand Lantmännen stands behind our product brands

The brand Lantmännen stands behind and supports the product brands by building trust in terms of responsibility and origin. Through the guarantor on our products and marketing material we show that Lantmännen stands behind the product.

We have used Lantmännen’s general brand promise and strategy to develop brand platforms for both B2B and B2C brands, and to make each brand relevant and effective for each market and customer group.

What direction are we moving in?

Lantmännen has a clear position as an agricultural company and a clear positioning in the food industry in Sweden. We are associated with origin, farmers, trust and responsibility from fork to field.

Our ambition is to be an innovative and leading player also in the future. We must work with and develop the power of the strong connection to our owners – Swedish farmers – with all the unique advantages it involves. In this way we can also increase the coherence of all of our communication and derive more benefit from our investments.

Brand platform

This is a summary of our overall brand platform. It describes who Lantmännen is, what we do, what we stand for and what we are working towards. Our brand platform is the basis for everything we offer, in what way we contribute to our owners, customers and consumers and how we show this.

Our brand platform includes all operations, brands and audiences. The goal is to have a customer-focused way of working which helps us to achieve uniformity, relevance and synergies throughout Lantmännen.

Our brand platform is overall and works as a framework for the group. With the Lantmännen brand as a foundation we develop sharper brand platforms directly to our different target groups and markets. 

Our different product brands have their own brand platforms. If you need more information you can contact the respective company’s marketing department. Find our companies at

For some businesses we have chosen to create our own identities outside Lantmännen’s brand. The Swecon business is e.g. directly related to Volvo’s construction machines and Swecon therefore uses a platform that is in line with Volvo Construction Equipment’s identity.

The parts of our platform

Lantmännen's brand promise - Our promise to the market and to our stakeholders.

Together we take responsibility from field to fork

Lantmännen's vision - our long term goal

We lead the refinement of farmland resources in an innovative and responsible manner for the farming of tomorrow.

Lantmännen's aim/mission - why we exist

We make farming thrive

Lantmännen's mission to the owners

  • To contribute to the profitability of the members' farms
  • To optimize the return of the members' capital in the association

Lantmännens business concept - What we are, what we can do and how we create business

We are an agricultural cooperative that refines value from farmland resoucers in a responsible way. We use our collective knowledge and our operations from field to fork lead the developement of the grain value chain. We operate in an international market in which Sweden constitutes the foundation of our business activities.

Lantmännens unique assets - what differentiates us from the competitors

  • We are owned by Swedish farmers
  • We have operationsthroughout the entire chain from field to fork
  • We are at the forefront of research, innovation and sustainable development
  • We lead the development of creating value from arable land with focus on grain

Lantmännens values and and what affects, permeates and characterizes our actions, activities and organisation

Our values are:

  • Drive
  • Holistic view
  • Openness.

Our tonality

The message is crucial in all communication because it concretely shows who we are and what we want to give our customers.

Tonality, or personality, describes the feelings Lantmännen wants to express and convey in words, images and layouts, regardless of the business operation and market. It is the direct reflection of our values (which are directed inwards) but instead expressed as the recipient’s perception of us.

Our appeal is soft and personal. It's light and easy, free and with a glint in the eye, which works well when we are to inspire and convince.

Tonality in layouts and messages

Tonality rests on three themes – ”Commitment”, ”Insightful” and ”Genuine”. Therefore all our communication must:

  • Exude a warm, vibrant and human impression.
  • Be characterised by light and airiness (with the aid of space and clear areas) 
  • Be soft and personal, light, free and with a glint in the eye.

Below you can read more and obtain support in order to brief an agency or approved communication material.


We want to be perceived as innovative, curious and responsible.

What it is:

  • Creating interest and involving others
  • Always based on our stakeholders'perspective
  • Being accessible and inviting to open dialogue
  • Leading the development forwards by showing concrete examples of long-term responsibility
  • Internally acting with Drive which contributes to our commitment

What it is not:

  • Only conductiong one-way communication
  • Only investing in matters of internal importance
  • Communicating and discussing at a difficult-to-reach level such as, for example, not allowing stakeholders to participate or access the information
  • Following the guidance of others and not taking responsibility ourselves


Being insightful is about doing the right thing for the right recipient. It appears e.g. in design and message adaptions for specific audiences. Adapt the communication according to place and occasion.

What it is:

  • Seeing things in a new way by combining new insights with previous experiences, responsibility and common sense
  • Being knowledgeable in terms of both depth and breadth within the whole chain from field to fork
  • Constantly working to understand consumers and the environment in which they live
  • Acting internally with an overall view and thus finding insightful solutions and opportunities

What it is not:

  • Carrying out individual actions without seeing them in a context based on the whole chain
  • Latching onto new trends and looking too much at how others act without valuing the actual added value
  • Lacking relevant knowledge in sustainable development and responsibly produced food
  • Passively reacting and only acting to external circumstances such as laws and regulations



Has its basis in who we are, where we come from and what we want to be.
What we do is natural and simple.

In the selection of images it concerns natural light and people in their natural environment among other things. When it comes to printed material, we choose uncoated paper and environmentally certified paper.

What it is:

  • Being honest and taking responsibility for our actions
  • Acting with credibility and being transparent about both our strengths and areas where we need to improve
  • Striving for natural ingredients and responsible working methods
  • Acting internally with Openness and transparency

What it is not:

  • Exaggerating good sides and denying those that are less good
  • Displaying a façade that cannot withstand closer examination
  • Takeing marketing actions that are not based on a real interest in the matter
  • That all our ingredients are completely natural in principle even though it leads to e.g. deteriorated quality.


Brand structur

Lantmännen’s brand structure describes our main brands, how they should work and how they are related to each other.

The family brand

Lantmännen represents all the operations in the group. When several companies or units act together, we use the family brand.

When is the family brand Lantmännen a sender?

1. When we build the Lantmännen brand externally.*
2. When we communicates group specific information externally.
3. When we recruits centrally.
4. When we communicate internally to our employees.
5. When two or more group companies communicate together.

* In the overall campaign for "Good food" we have chosen to replace the group logo with the guarantor "Good food from Lantmännen" as the sender. For more details, see Guarantor

Company brands

Our company brands use Lantmännen as their first name and the company name as the last name (for example Lantmännen Maskin), which is the normal communicator for their company's customers. Every company in the group has a company logo with the company name located below the group name.

When is the company brand a sender?
1. When a company communicates to its employees.
2. When a company communicates company-specific information externally.
3. When a company recruits staff.
4. When a company markets a number of its product brands together. Read more about this on the page Logo Guidelines.

Product brands

Product brands have their own visual identities.

For examples, when it comes to Axa and Kungsörnen in the Nordic region, the connection to the group is clarified by using the aid of the guarantor + the Good food concept on the packaging (in Sweden also in ads, on printed material). 

When a product brand in the food division is a communicator the following applies:

1. Use the product brand's design programme.
2. Follow the guidelines in the product brand's identity manual.
4. Always use the Guarantor to make the connection to Lantmännen clear.
3. First use the product brand's contact information/customer service, alternatively, the company's contact information.

Always use the Guarantor in accordance with the guidelines . See the page on Guarantor.

Concept brands

For example, the service concept SCP can have its own logotype but should always be communicated with the group or particular company.

Local associations

Local associations have agreements with Lantmännen and are entitled to use the group’s design in all their market communication.

For more informations about the local associations’s identity management, contact