Image style

Lantmännen's image style should be apparent in all photographs, illustrations and graphic elements that are used in printed material, adverts and websites.

  - The motif, composition, cropping and placement of images are to express and communicate Lantmännen’s tonality.

  - Images should exude a warm, vibrant and human impression.

  - Images and layouts are characterised by light and spaciousness.

More information on image profiles and access to all group image material, can be found in the Lantmännen image bank. (Only for employees and partners of Lantmännen.)


Food images

Images of food should taste good! We focus on beautiful colours that harmonise with Lantmännen’s colour palette. We would like to have a sense of cooking and movement in all images, preferably with a human element present so that it does not simply become “still life”.

The images should exude nature and being relevant to our products is important. Always use professional photographs

Landscape images

Landscape images must show that we love the soil and what we refine arable land. Ideal elements are warm light, the blue sky with light clouds and movement and harmony. The images are usually more interesting if we show people, use nature’s own “graphic elements” and use different camera angles.

It is of course important that the crops we show are correct and represent our knowledge. Allow the images to show our “actual” reality, with different seasons and weather.

Always use professional photographs.

Show images with a larg perspective, which shows several fields and larger surroundings. The images should transfer that Lantmännen is a cooperative.

Portrait photography

In the case of portrait photography, we aim to show the individual in a relaxed pose and everyday setting. The image must always give a warm impression, regardless of whether it is taken indoors or outdoors and regardless of the time of day.

We advise varied and diffuse background and surroundings to ensure the focus is on the individual. Body posture can vary but it is important that the person looks the photographer in the eye.

When photographing a large section, the image can be cropped in various ways but based on traditional portraiture. The photographer is advised to take a close-up shot with the same set-up, to preserve the resolution.

Everyday operations

These images show snapshots of everyday operations at Lantmännen, above all, focused on work on a modern farm and research & development. Images should be real life situations and not artificial posing where someone is waving their hand through a field of wheat.

  • We recommend including modern technology in images to reflect life on today's farms.
  • Use a farmer's perspective, as for example picture from a tractor cab.
  • Having several farmers in the image reinforces the fact that we are a cooperative.