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There are different adaptations of the Guarantor, depending on the sender and channel.

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Then we use the guarantor

The aim of the Guarantor is always to support the group's product brands and create cross-fertilisation between them and the Lantmännen brand.

This increases awareness of Lantmännen and the values that Lantmännen is renowned for, which contributes to greater consumer interest in buying our product brands. At the same time, Lantmännen gains additional exposure and becomes more known, and thereby increasing the value of all the brands involved.

Activities with Lantmännen/Good Food where the main communicator is developed by or in cooperation with GF Communication & Brand. In central joint campaigns and depending on the media/unit, the standard and extended Guarantor with product logotypes can both be used.


Overview - management of Lantmännen as sender and guarantor

The Guarantor in marketing materials

In all communication where a product brand is the sender, Lantmännen acts as a guarantor. Lantmännen's Garant is placed in the lower left corner according to the example.

In which markets does the guarantor apply?
In the Swedish market, this is a requirement. In other markets, it is optional to use the guarantor in the product brand's market material.

Read more about guidelines for design and placement.


The Guarantor on packaging

On all food packaging, the Guarantor is placed in the upper right corner. This creates a clear connection between the brand and Lantmännen, at the same time as it is the most efficient placement on consumer packaging, based on the packaging's placement on the shelf.

An explanatory text box is linked to the guarantor.

In which markets does the guarantor apply?
The guarantor must be used on all packaging in the Nordic markets and is optional in other markets.

Read more about the guidelines for design and placement.


A guarantee for our product brands within Food

Activities with Lantmännen / "Good Food" as the main sender are developed by or in collaboration with GF Brand & Marketing. In central joint campaigns and depending on the media / unit, both the regular and a customized Guarantor with space for product logos can be used.

If the message in the marketing communication can not naturally be linked to "Good food", we do not use the Guarantee with the text "Good food from Lantmännen".

This also applies if it e.g. creates an experience of dual senders, takes the attention away from the main message of the communication / product brand or visually competes with the product brand and in a number of other special cases.

The guarantor's purpose is always to support product brands in the food area.

A guarantee for our product brands within Non-food

We work with the same brand strategy and use basically the same graphic solution for non-food category, and the main difference lies in the lack of wording around "Good food".

For each brand, individual adaptations are made based on the respective brand platform in collaboration with the Department of Brand & Marketing.

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Avoid using the Guarantor:

  • When the message is about something that is not naturally linked to Lantmännen's position and/or "Good Food". Then the Guarantor only confus the customer.s
  • When the final message in, for exampel a tv spot, is about the customer to enter the product brand's own website, Facebook or similar. Then it is important to get the communication to focus on just that and nothing else
  • When the Guarantor would be situated where there is no comprehensible visual connection between the product brand and the Guarantor. We do not want to confuse the consumers
  • When the Guarantor can be perceived as real sender of the communication. Product brand is supposed to be the hero
  • When the product brand exposures with other external brands within a single communication device/spot/activity. There will be too many brands. Collaborations can take place in many ways, eg:
    • ingredient from a well-known brand in one of our products
    • samkampanj
    • fair / event
    • sponsoring


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