Brand structure

Lantmännen’s brand structure describes our main brands, how they should work and how they are related to each other.

Family brand

Lantmännen represents all the operations in the group. When several companies or units act together, we use the family brand.

When is the family brand Lantmännen a sender?

1. When we build the Lantmännen brand externally.*
2. When we communicates group specific information externally.
3. When we recruits centrally.
4. When we communicate internally to our employees.
5. When two or more group companies communicate together.

* In the overall campaign for "Good food" we have chosen to replace the group logo with the guarantor "Good food from Lantmännen" as the sender. For more details, see Lantmännen as a Guarantor.

Company brands

Our company brands use Lantmännen as their first name and the company name as the last name (for example Lantmännen Maskin), which is the normal communicator for their company's customers. Every company in the group has a company logo with the company name located below the group name.

When is the company brand a sender?
1. When a company communicates to its employees.
2. When a company communicates company-specific information externally.
3. When a company recruits staff.
4. When a company markets a number of its product brands together.

Read more about this on the page Logo Guidelines.


Product brands

Product brands have their own visual identities.

For examples, when it comes to Axa and Kungsörnen in the Nordic region, the connection to the group is clarified by using the aid of the guarantor + the Good food concept on the packaging (in Sweden also in ads, on printed material). 

When a product brand in the food division is a communicator the following applies:

1. Use the product brand's design programme.
2. Follow the guidelines in the product brand's identity manual.
4. Always use the Guarantor to make the connection to Lantmännen clear.
3. First use the product brand's contact information/customer service, alternatively, the company's contact information.

Always use the Guarantor in accordance with the guidelines . See the page on Guarantor.

Concept brands

For example, the service concept SCP or the more public Climate & Nature can have its own logotype but should always be communicated with the group or particular company.

Koncept design.

Local associations

Local associations have agreements with Lantmännen and are entitled to use the group’s design in all their market communication.

For more informations about the local associations’s identity management, contact