Managing digital adaptation

These guidelines should primarily reflect how Lanmännen should be experienced on the web in terms of color, typography and general layout.

We keep a clean layout with clear typography, plenty of space/whitespace and limited with color elements, in favor of the content of the text and a rich image material. The design should be seen as a clear messenger and guide to relevant content.

The guidelines mainly describe color and typography, which together constitute the updated graphic identity for the web, version 2023.

Guidelines contain rules for fonts, colors and image examples. It also shows what the common design elements look like and how to use the new typography and color palette.

The content should be seen as a complement to and an adaptation of the general graphic building blocks.

What we want to achieve

Lantmännen is a future-oriented and innovative agricultural cooperative. Our websites are one of our most important display windows and should both create public interest and pride in our members.

For these reasons, it is particularly important that our digital channels convey Lantmännen's values by having a modern design language and that we take advantage of the opportunities that digital media bring.

Uniform in social media

Lantmännen consists of many companies and we have many different accounts on social media. Here you can read more about how we work with profiling there.