Image style - General

The image style is mainly field fields taken with perspective top view with elements of one or more diagonal lines.

The image is adjusted so that the diagonal line follows Climate & Nature logo. The following pages show some sample images with the logo inserted.


  • Photos from farming settings (farms, fields, grain, farmers etc.) in line with Lantmännen’s overall visual identity. But must be adapted to local markets i.e. Finish farms, fields and farmers in Finland etc.
  • Preferably photos with sharp angles harmonizing with the logotype.

On packagings

More traditional images of open landscapes are used on packaging. Ideal elements are the warm light, the blue sky with light clouds and movement and harmony.

It is of great importance that the motif reflects the grain the packaging contains and that the picture was taken in Sweden.


We use drawn pictures in different shades of green.

CF Brand & Marketing have to be involved and assist in development of new infographics.