Basic execution of the logo for the I-You-We concept


Colours are based on Lantmännen's identity colours.
Read more about our colours here!

Free Zone

The logo needs just the right amount of air around it to be clear. When using the logo on an image, make sure that the placement is good for sufficient clarity. It's better to change the image instead of shadows or background tiles!

Together with Lantmännen's logo

On occasions where communication takes place outside of Lantmännen's context, a logo linked to the concentration logo is used. Internally and in our own channels, environments, the simple concept logo is used, but where we are to communicate outside of these and on occasions where a unit can be used independently, the logo with the corporate logo is always used.

Free zone with corporate logo

To avoid the company logo being unclear, there is a minimum size. If a smaller logo is required, you need to separate the concept logo and the group logo - the concept logo may not occur without a connection to Lantmännen.

Minimum size: 180 px / 37 mm.

Materials and technology are decisive. When printing, a larger size may be required to ensure clarity. See examples under Applications

Negative solution

In exceptional cases, it is possible to work with a negative solution to the logo, but never as a primary solution. And the co-operative logo is always used in its basic design - with green sprout.