Search engine optimization

With today’s enormous amount of information on the internet the great search engines like Google and Bing use algorithms in attempt to scan all the pages’ content and decide how relevant a specific page is to a specific search.

Whenever you do a Google search the algorithms rank all the pages they find with the objective to present the most relevant page for you.  In our case this means that when someone searches for ”job opening + office manager” our goal is to structure our job ads so that they appear high on the list of search results.

Here are some tips on how to do this:


Using relevant keywords early in the body text is a good way to help the search engines understand the content. This could for instance be the role title. However, remember to not over-use a specific keyword as the search engines are smart and will just ignore them. Using a keyword more than twice per paragraph is unnecessary, and also it will make the text repetitive and difficult to read.

Related words

Using related words can help the search engine understand what the content is about. Tying back to the case above regarding the job opening for an office manager this means that it’s a good idea to use related words like administrationscheduling and support in the body text as it helps the search engine understand that “Ah, this is a job opening for an office manager”.

Are there other job titles that might be similar to this position? Is there a risk that our ad gets unnoticed due to the fact that people are using different, but similar, words in their searches? See if you can incorporate those words in the body text in a smooth way.

Keeping these tips in mind it is crucial to underline the fact that we are only to use keywords, related words and synonyms as long as they don’t affect the overall text flow in a negative way. The reader experience is always primal. Always have someone else read and comment the ad before publishing it.