Här visar vi några exempel på tillämpningar med konceptnamn och logotyp. Den avgörande skillnaden är om konceptet kommunicerar inom ramen för Lantmännen och våra kanaler, eller fristående från Lantmännenkontext.


On our websites, the concept is featured within the framework of Lantmännen. Here it is doubly if the corporate logo is used in the concept logo. 

Roll up & PPT

Lantmännen has established guidelines for handling our logo on roll-ups and screen walls, so that materials work (uniformity) when they are placed next to each other. 

Read more about placing the Group's logo on roll-ups here.

In one presentation, Lantmännen's ppt template is used. The concept is added to the upper right corner of the pages, similar to the example on the left. As an employee at Lantmännen, you have the template installed in the software. 


Heart Shape

I-You-We works with the heart as a form. It can be used as a background for the logo and serve as a graphic complement to the word image in the logo. See example of execution below.

Colours follow Lantmännen's basic profile. 

Promotional products

When handling profiled products, a logo must be used together with the Group. This is a typical unit that may be used outside of a Lantmännen context and therefore needs to clarify itself at every opportunity.

Here, the concept's logo has been used together with Lantmännen as the sender in various ways.