Nedladdningsbara garanter

The guarantor in print and advertising

You can download the Guarantor you need to the right. Below you can read about what applies to communication efforts for different senders. Select the topic that suits your project. In the left-hand menu, you will find detailed style guide.

  • Food-oriented B2C communication with the Group as the sender
  • B2B communication (non food) with the Group or a company as the sender
  • B2C and B2B communication with the product brand as the sender
  • Maxi-Guarantor.

In B2C and B2B communicationmed produktvarumärket som avsändare


For product brands that are categorized as Food, the message "Good food from Lantmännen" is used in marketing communication. To create recognition, the Guarantor has a fixed position at the bottom left of the product brand's communication.

The basic rule for the size is ¼ of the device's width.

General rule
The size of the Guarantor is at least ¼ of the width of the unit, preferably 1/3.

Location: Lower left corner. A "Guarantor" up from the bottom edge.

Ensure good balance against the sending logo.

Communication (not food) with a product brand as sender, B2B / B2C

In communication concepts for non-food, we work with the same brand strategy (Lantmännen as a guarantor behind our products) and use the same graphic solution in addition to the text solution "Good food", with individual adaptations based on each brand platform.

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In picture: See example here of handling the Guarantor for feed products for horses, aimed at b2b / b2c.

Together with several product brands

In trade marketing, store advertising and signage, the guarantor often appears together with several product brands. We strive to group the logos together with the guarantor as a common sender.

In relevant cases, we can use this version as a replacement for a company logo in advertisements, on the front of leaflets and the like.