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Climate & Nature is a Lantmännen common concept with a vast number of different stakeholders and target groups for the business areas in the Group. If you work with Climate & Nature you will find useful aids, tools and guidelines here.

Climate & Nature is Lantmännen’s program for farming of the future - an important step towards our long-term climate goals and a more sustainable production. With measures for biodiversity and reduced climate impact, we have since 2015 reduced our climate footprint from the cultivation of wheat according to the program by 30 percent, and at the same time created more favorable conditions for both song larks and insects. We do this with continued good yields from cultivation and high quality cereals.

The farmers who cultivate according to the program work according to the latest of our developed cultivation methods, including fossil-free fuels, climate-smart mineral fertilizers, precision cultivation with GPS technology and the installation of bird and flowering zones in the field.

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For those of you who are interested in the concept and work within Lantmännen, there is a detailed presentation and review of the communication platform at Lantmännen Inside.

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