The Lantmännen logotype

The Lantmännen logotype is an important representative of our brand and follows clear guidelines.

The logotype consists of our sprout symbol and the Lantmännen typography image and, where appropriate, with the addition of a company name.


There are two primary versions of the logotype, one in printed type and the other in reversed type. This enables the logo to be used with most kinds of backgrounds and images. In cases where the image background is too pale or dark: adjust the section in the image behind the logotype to ensure good contrast.

Must not be changed or distorted 
The size relationship between name and symbol or between group name and company name/association name must not be modified. Nor is it allowed to change, crop, distort or render the logotypes.

Design - Company logo

Lantmännen's logo is used in connection with a company name.

Free space

To assure the integrity and clarity of the logotype, it must not be placed too close to a corner, to images, to groups of text or to other graphic elements.

The rules regarding the logotype’s free space must therefore always be applied. The protected area consists of the height of the letter “n” in the logotype, as shown in the example.

Colour scheme Lantmännen logos


CMYK 78/0/98/0
PANTONE 2422 C, 2423 U
RGB 35/167/63
HEX #23a73f


CMYK 0/0/0/77
PANTONE 425 C, 425 U
RGB 95/96/98
HEX #5F6062

White - In case of exceptions

CMYK 0/0/0/0
RGB 255/255/255
HEX #ffffff

Black - in case of exceptions

CMYK 0/0/0/100
RGB 0/0/0
HEX #00000

Using the logotype with external brands

Using the logotype with external brands
The design programme that applies for external partnership varies.

Lantmännen as principal
When Lantmännen is the principal communicator, our visual identity rules apply. As the communicator, our logotype is normally placed in the lower right corner. Other communicator logotypes must be smaller in size and placed in the lower left corner. An addition in the form of a signature describing the partnership can be used in association with the logotypes.

Lantmännen as equal partner
When the Lantmännen group or company logotype is placed together with logotypes from other companies, we specify that our logotype must have the same size/visual impression.

We never mix visual identities.

When Lantmännen is one of two or more equal parties, either our visual identity or the one(s) of our partner(s) should take precedence. The simplest option can be an entirely neutral identity.

An addition in the form of a signature describing the partnership can be used in association with the logotypes.

Lantmännen as minority partner
If our partner is the communicator, our logotype will normally be placed to the left, it is their design programme that dictates. An addition in the form of a signature describing the partnership can be used in association with the logotypes.

The logotype's collaboration with external brands - major collaborative projects or is involved as a participant

When we participate in a larger collaborative project or take part as a participant, it is the project identity that governs. Free space shall suffice for clarity in all directions, and at least 1n in all directions.

Depending on the area, the centered logotyp can be used. 

Using the logotype with internal brands

  • Company logotype + product brand(s):
    The product brand is placed in the lower left edge on the base line at the lower edge of the Lantmännen wordmark.
    Additional product brands are placed from left to right. If there is not enough space, you can add a row of product brands above the first row. 

  • Group logotype + product brand(s):
    If the product brands are displayed together with the group logotype, the product names are to be aligned with the lower edge of the name. Any company/group texts are placed above, see the image above.

  • The product brand ought to give the same visual impression as the Sprout in the Lantmännen logotype - which can vary in size depending on the size of the advert or printed material.