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45% less climate impact

On the back of the flour and in connection with descriptive texts of the program Climate & Nature, there is an element that strengthens the program's positive impact with the message "45% lower climate impact *".


Elements with shadow
The element with shadow is mainly used on packaging and various printed units where the element needs to stand out from other designs. The text "* Compared to average Swedish wheat cultivation 2015" must always appear in connection with this design element.

Elements on packaging
The element should be adjacent to graphics that describe Climate & Nature in its entirety. The element of shadow is used to give the message as much impact as possible.

Element without shadow 
The element without shadow can be used on web and surfaces where it is obvious that the element belongs to the cultivation program and does not necessarily need to be placed close to other information. The text "*Compared with average Swedish wheat production in 2015" must always appear in connection with the design element.