Apply the design. Examples of fixed and customizable carriers

In this section about layout examples we show how the identity’s component parts are put together in a layout. Here you can find design elements that are specific to Lantmännen and inspiring examples that show how our identity should be implemented.

In our design we aim for a powerful and active basic impression with a green and varied colour scheme. We are green and use a broad green colour palette to create a vivid feeling, by applying the green colour scale to typography, lines, pictograms and information graphics. The green is balanced with bright areas and creates dynamism and accessibility.

The sand coloured background accentuates the use of green and creates a soft impression. Layouts must create order and guide the recipient in the message hierarchy through a consistent and well-crafted design.

Constant carriers

In some channels, on certain carriers and in communications, the handling of Lantmännen's graphic building blocks has been established and are fixed, there is no room for adaptations or own solutions. There are often established tools for orders.