Profile products

Profile products

Profile products are to reflect Lantmännen business activities and focus on sustainable development.

The starting point for the base material is products where the choice of material and simplicity in embellishment express our environmental awareness. The print on the profile products should be a single-colour or multi-colour logotype or single-colour or multi-colour sprout.

An important feature of Lantmännen's visual identity is the budding greenery, the sense of diversity in the green. It is preferred that you choose products that can be made in different green colours.

The shop is open for everone:
- For farmers, customers & consumers

- For Lantmännen employees

Quality and details

A profile product can be anything from simple give aways at a trade fair to nice staff gifts and gifts. No matter what, a product always leaves an impression that is associated with our brand.

That is why we work with carefully selected partners who follow our high demands for the environment, production and the world around us.

We strive for good quality and tasteful profiling, preferably with elaborate details.

Examples: Pens

Example: Notebook

Example: Water bottle

Example: Key strap

Example: Paper bag

Example: Cap