Supply communication

In a supply communication ad, it is important to balance the graphic format with the need to communicate many offers and prices. Here are examples of how the layout can be varied and the different fields used in different ways.

Design and layout solution will create recognition for Lantmännen in communication.

Thousands are written in full, for example SEK 10,500.

The sand color is used to group and gather text in the ad and to accentuate the green color in a multicolored headline.

The fields are used to vary the content, with color, photo or graphics.

Boundary lines create stability in the text field and are used repeatedly in our devices. Read more about its design under Design elements.


Uniformity in the handling of typography and size creates stability and clarity. Background images are selected that do not compete with articles of interest.


Background color can be used to distinguish an item.
With a uniform handling of the round form in terms of color and placement, clarity is created on the pages.

Part of page is broken off with photo in a field.

Variation in the background colors can be used to create a variation or to distinguish a product. Here, tones of green color have been used.
A fixed placement of text + price provides stability to the side.