Guarantor in web ads

Web ads for product brand follows the same rules as other marketing communication. The formats are often small, which requires that the design is handled so that the Guarantor is clear and legible, which often means other sizes than the Guarantor's guidelines.

The basic design of the guarantor is beeingused

A web ad follow the guidelines for printed and advertising.

In the food category, this means that the basic version with "Good food from Lantmännen" should be used with a placement at the bottom left of the communication unit, but  due to the web ad's format, size adjustment is often required, read more here.

Web ad - high

A high and narrow web ad is often a challenge to present the Guarantor in a clear and legible way. Often the width of the entire surface is maximized by only a small margin to the right.

Read the guidelines regarding the Guarantor in printed matter and advertising.

Web ad campaign, wide and low.

In a classic banner format, the Guarantor will either be very large, if the 1/4 rule is followed. Therefore, an assessment is required to find a good size, in relation to the format and the sending brand.

It is important that the Guarantor does not become small and unclear, but at the same time does not take over.