Climate & Nature - The ribbon

The primary packaging label for Climate & Nature consists of an enclosing ribbon. The following pages show how to use the tape.

Design system - Packaging
Packaging is the main carrier of the cultivation concept. The labeling is used to highlight that the product is produced according to the Climate & Nature cultivation program.
The design system for the labeling is different depending on whether it is a product that is produced entirely according to the cultivation program or whether it is a product where only one/some components are grown according to the program, so-called composite product.
The picture on the left schematically shows the four different variants and the application of the marking is shown on the following pages.

On the packaging

The packaging is the ribbons main carrier. The label is used to highlight that the product is produced according to the cultivation program Climate & Nature.
The band gets extra great effect on the store shelf through its placement when it "hooks in" the package along and forms in that way a coherent unit. The concept is clarified also through the ribbon's transition to the back, where space is provided
for information about the cultivation program.

Application of the ribbon

The letter N is used to measure the free space to ensure that the graphics in the ribbon do not come too close to the edges. Center the ribbon by measuring the overlap in the center of the application surface.

On packaging
When the marking appears on packaging that is on the shelf we strive to have an arm hook effect. Here is how the ribbon is placed to create this effect.

On other contact surfaces
On other contact surfaces, the label can be placed more freely in height.
The label should still be centered on the surface.

On a single surface
When the label only appears on a surface, such as a poster, the label is placed centered over the vertical centerline of the surface.

With text and message
The marking is placed centered on surfaces with text and other messages, either at the top or bottom of the surface.

Packing plano

The label encloses the packaging in the form of the ribbon which goes to the back with more information about the cultivation program.

To the right is shown how the tape goes all the way to the glue edge on the drawing. Note that the band should have the same angle there the packaging is glued together so that it feels even.

The arm hook effect

The arm hook effect on packaging when placed on the store shelf is an important part of the design.

The outcome of the label on the front of the packaging must be aligned with
each other to ensure a good arm hook effect.

Desired effect
If the design is done correctly, the marking must be experienced as follows on
the packaging.