Recruitment ads

This is the base for guidelines, directives and examples on how we maintain our visual identity within our job ads according to our People Brand.

The starting point for creating the content of the job advertisement should always be the role requirements. Don’t forget to critically review what the most important requirements are and what is nice to have to get the right focus in the text. The content needs to be inclusive meaning that it is not allowed to discriminate in any ways by for example setting requirements that can be perceived as excluding to some.

See Policy for more information on equal employment opportunities.


See the section about “Tone of voice” in the general people brand manual for more inspiration.

  • Focus on the receiver of the message when you write the job advertisement.
  • The text should be written in an easy, unformal way.
  • Write the text in a “you”-form for example: “We offer You…” Or “You will get to work with…”.
  • The four eye recommendation: Have as a rule of thumb to always ask a colleague, or maybe someone working at the specific department/role you are recruiting for to read the ad and comment.


In general, job advertisements are to be written in the language that the role requires. For example, if the role is located in Denmark, will be carried out in Danish, and has no English requirements, the advertisement should be written in Danish. You can also expect to receive the applications in the language that you post your job ad in.

If you employ positions at specialist level and upwards, these ads must be published in English internally on Inside (Intranet). If you are unsure what level the current position corresponds to - consult HR.


All advertisements must be posted on Inside (intranet). External ads must also be posted on Lantmännen’s external career site.

Job Boards

Use the guidelines as much as you can when it comes to writing the advertisement and the different sections, however this can vary some from job-board to job-board. Ultimately, we want the candidate to visit our career page and apply there, why it is good to keep the job ads on these two places as similar as possible for recognition.


Social media

When writing a capture on Social media, think about to keep it short and sweet, no longer than 2-3 sentences. Use the cornerstones and manifesto for inspiration on good teasers to use for the text. The capture should be thought of as just that: “Capturing” the reader and refer them to the full length job ad on our career site.

Also, don’t forget to use @Lifeatlantmannen and #Lifeatlantmannen after your capture.

Instagram, Linkedin och Facebook

If you want to post your job advertisement on our Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook you need to contact Anna Rydne.

Some general pictures for Social media can be found here. However when it comes to Social media it is important to think about the entire grid, meaning that we can’t repeat the same pictures and texts over and over again if we want a new job to stand out.

Practical information on how we create ads