Nedladdningsbara garanter

There are different adaptations of the Guarantor, depending on the sender and channel.

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The structure of the Guarantor

The guarantor is designed to create a visual connection between the brand and Lantmännen.

The elements used are the same, regardless of whether the Guarantor is on a package or social media app, with minor variations in terms of layout depending on surface / unit.

In the end, it is about creating a simple but clear connection between the product in question and Lantmännen.


Different designs for different occasions

The guarantee consists of three components:

  • The button
  • The flag
  • The text message

The button is placed on top of the flag with shadow, while the text message is placed in the flag. The flag is horizontal, left or right, and must not be turned upside down.

When the guarantor is used in conjunction with product trademarks, the tab should always point inwards towards the center line of the wearer / unit, regardless of whether the guarantor is used on a package, advertisement, roll-up or other unit.

The minimum size allowed is a width of 31 mm.

The logo and button follow the same directive as the logo in terms of color, read more here.

Size and position - General

In marketing materials, we place The Guarantor in the lower left corner to provide space for the product brand's own logo. The placement is fixed for all types of units, the only exception is placement on packaging.

Minimum distance from the lower edge of the flag to the bottom of the unit = height of the flag.

Things to keep in mind: For TV commercials, billboards, etc. where there is a frame around the unit, the height may need to be adjusted for a correct appearance!

The size of the Guarantor

The size of the Guarantor must correspond to ¼ of the width of the unit. The minimum size (31 mm) is used when ¼ of the format width is less than 31 mm.

On odd formats, the size needs to be adjusted based on eye measurements for best presentation and readability.

Layout versions of the Guarantor

There are two basic versions of the Guarantor and its design, the "basic version" and the adjusted version".

Basic - For all marketing materials, placed down to the left on the unit.

Adjusted - adjusted in size and placement for best readability.

We use a adjusted version of the Guarantor for packaging as well as frameworks and websites in digital media. The guarantor then has a slimmed-down design where the text message only conveys the "Lantmännen", in order to be readable in small sizes.

Location of this version is on the right side:

- on a package in the upper right corner to get rid of moldings on store shelves and get a close placement to the product brand logo

- on a website in the lower right corner to at least disturb the content and be most easily accessible when surfing on smaller screens

Size and location - exceptions

The guarantor has a fixed location in the lower left edge and size to start from, in relation to the unit where it is to be applied.

On small surfaces, the minimum size is used when ¼ of the format width is less than 31 mm.

On large surfaces or surfaces of odd format, the size needs to be adjusted for a correct presentation.

Example 1
On a billboard at a car park, where 1/4 of the width would give a disproportionately large guarantor, it needs to be reduced, with eye measurements, for the right balance; on the device and in relation to the pvm logo.

Example 2
On a roll up or other high & narrow surface, the size 1/4 of the width would give a disproportionately small Guarantor, so it should be adjusted up for the right balance.

In case of doubt, contact for advice.