Signs Farm of the Future

On site and on the way to Bjertorp or another farm within the concept, the signage is an important part of the communication for the farm. To strengthen the concept Farm of the Future - Bjertorp's identity, a consistently managed expression is important.

In this section, we show principle sketches of what these signs can look like and how we work with typography and logos.

Sign colors and basic elements

Together with the beige background color, the green frame line forms the basic elements for these signs.

Beige background

Pantone: 9080 C, 9080 U
CMYK: 4/5/8/0
RGB: 247/242/236

Frame line
The green frame line is even at the edges and in the corners, place a square to ensure an equal distance in all corner.

Examples of signs for Framtidsgården

Welcome sign for entrance
Here we use the logo Bjertorp - Farm of the Future

Signpost for country road / highways
For signs placed next to a public road, we follow the Swedish Transport Administration's directives and graphic design.

Sign for field
In the fields where we communicate specific crops, the crop is communicated in LM Serif Bold, blocking / picking +/- 0.

Here we use the Primary logo for the concept Farm of the Future - Bjertorp at the top of the sign and at the bottom Lantmännen's group logo is placed.

Sign with orientation map
On map signs, we communicate with LM Serif Bold in headings.
Subheadings such as "Autumn wheat 334" are communicated with LM Serif Medium. Subheadings in LM Sans Medium and Regular.

All fonts are used with lock / pinch +/- 0.

Here we use the Bjertorp logo to communicate that the land on the map belongs to the farm Bjertorp.

Illustration is based on Lantmännen's design language and is produced centrally.

Sign for Cultivation square
When signing cultivation square on a demo field, we communicate with LM Serif Bold in the main heading. Subheadings in LM sans medium and bullet list in LM Sans Regular.

All fonts are used with lock / pinch +/- 0.

The logos are used in the same way here as on the field sign.