Management of labels on packaging

In several cases, the packaging design includes the use of both external and in-house labels, with directives regarding size and placement that must be handled in each individual project.
In order to have a clear management and uniform solution together with Lantmännen's Guarantor, there are directives for how these should be handled on our product brands' packaging.


Label - "From Sweden"

Unified management of "From Sweden"

"From Sweden" is an important USP and a label that must be handled in the best way. Guidelines for how the marking should be placed on the packaging and adapted to the layout and the Lantmännens Guarantor have been drawn up and must be followed. These guidelines are posted on Inside.
For more information, please speak to your contact at Lantmännen or

Own labeling of product properties

Our own packaging symbols are linked to, among other things, the content of the food and
nutritional values - this can be used by the entire Lantmännen Group.
The symbols are designed to simplify the work with packaging design and harmonize our visual language towards the consumer. The symbols can be used on all types of food packaging and they are available in four nordic languages and also without language.
Guidelines for when and how the symbols can be used can be found via the link on the top right. The use of common symbols is recommended but optional.

Unified management of USP from Lantmännen

Many of Lantmännen's products use the same kind of labeling to highlight the product's quality and attribute. In order to create a uniform solution across the Lantmännen brand portfolio, we have developed our own symbols and guidelines.
The own labeling of product attributes is visually in line with Lantmännen's Guarantor. These two units must be managed toghether, based on Lantmännen's graphic identity.

Guidelines for placement

We divide the packaging into different surfaces that we relate to.
Prio 1 - Surface for product name and brand. The guarantor is located in the upper right corner of all packaging and creates a clear connection to the sending product brand (logo).
Prio 2 - A surface area dedicated to the mark "From Sweden". Preferably in connection with the product name. Where possible, the marking must be placed independently of other markings.
Prio 3 - A surface for more basic labeling and information.
Internal Labeling - We try to collect our own labels on one side of the package, in the lower right half of the package.

Placement on packaging

Vertical distribution
First, we try to collect all labels via a vertical distribution. In that distribution, our own labeling is collected on one side of the packaging. In this way, we get a solution where information from Lantmännen - the Guarantor and the markings - are grouped together.
Horizontal distribution
The alternative is a horizontal distribution, where internal markings are placed on the right side.

Management of extra information

Sometimes it is not enough with just the symbol to clarify the meaning. Then we can use the space in the text box of the Guarantor as a complement. 

Label and text information are placed under the Guarantor text with the same formatting. The symbols are inverted against the green background color.

Size on labels

  • A marking can be as large as the height of the Guarantor.
  • If there is more than one label, own or external, these must keep the same size ratio
  • Minimum size is 13 x 13 mm.


Example - Packaging

Two examples of how to apply own labeling on packaging.

Example - Web

Examples of how labeling can be used in other channels, here on web pages.

Exempel - Dagligvaruhandel

Exempel på hur märkning kan hanteras i andra miljöer och enheter.

Labels - Overview of existing symbols

The different labels can be downloaded on the top right of this page.