It is important that the Guarantor is displayed correctly in our social channels.

Here you will find instructions and examples of how the Guarantor is used on Youtube.


To make the connection to Lantmännen visible, the sentence "Good food from Lantmännen" must be in the description under the heading "OM".

The ability to view the Guarantee on YouTube is limited as the format of the cover image varies depending on the width of the screen.

Read more about YouTube's image guidelines here.

Read more about YouTube's image guidelines here.

Guidelines for the Guarantee's placement on Youtube - When product brands are senders

A location for all occasions
The last scene of the commercial must be built on the basis of the Guarantor's location, so that no disturbing elements end up next to or behind the location or ambiguities about the sender are formed.

The guarantor must be on for 3 seconds
For best effect, the Guarantor should be on for at least 3 seconds in the final stage of commercial or sponsorship.

Size and location
Depending on the image format of the commercial, the size of the Guarantor may differ to look as good as possible.

The width of the Guarantee shall cover 1/4 of the total width of the image format.
Location of the Guarantor is in the lower left corner of the surface.
Distance to the bottom edge should be the height of the green flag in the Guarantor.

In each case, the fixed location of the Guarantor must be used and the planning of the Youtube advertisement must be done with that in mind.

Make sure that the Guarantor is not perceived as a sender.

Animated Guarantor
- The guarantor can be used as a static part of the end frame or animated.
- The guarantor must not be faded in or cut into the picture.

The starting point is that the focus should be on the sender, whether it is packaging in an image or logo. In cases where the final image is for a longer period of time, the animated Guarantor is selected in the final stage.

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Example of animated Guarantor

The guarantor is animated when the Korvbrödsbagarn logo being displayed at the end, to connect the brand to Lantmännen.

Examples from GoGreen

The guarantor is displayed in the same time as the GoGreen logo being displayed, in order to link the trademark to Lantmännen.

Example from Kungsörnen

The guarantor is shown in the same time as the Kungsörnen's logo being displayed, in order to link the landmark to Lantmännen.