The Guarantor on Facebook

It is important that the Guarantor is displayed correctly in our social channels.

Here you will find instructions and examples of how the Guarantor is used on Facebook.

Cover image

For the Facebook cover image, the guarantor should be placed on the right, according to the image below.

We always start from the 16: 9 format. Then we know that the image is cropped in a good way, regardless of whether it is displayed on mobile or desktop, and that the guarantor gets the right location and size.

Profie image

To avoid logos being cut in the channels' established image format and large variation between profile images in Lantmännen's social media, we follow the following guidelines:

  • The profile picture should only show the product brand logo, without payoff or other texts.

  • Use white background, unless there is another background color or pattern in the Trademark Manual.

  • The width of the logo should be at least 80% of the format.

See an example of the Korvbrödsbagarn's profile picture, which is displayed correctly on the profile.


To make the connection to Lantmännen visible, the sentence "Good food from Lantmännen" must be in the account description.

For non food a custom variant.

In picture: Description "about" Kungsörnen on Facebook.

Images in the flow

We do not embed the guarantor in images in the flow because it takes too much attention from the specific product brand.

But if a product packaging is visible in a picture, the guarantor must always be clearly visible. This must then be taken into account when photographing.

Advertisement / sponsored post on Facebook

In sponsored posts on Facebook, the guarantor should be visible as, unlike organic posts, it ends up in a different context.

Standing ad (4: 5):
The width of the guarantor is 1/4 of the format

Square ad (1: 1):
The width of the guarantor is 1/4 of the format

Horizontal ad (16: 9):
The width of the guarantor is 1/5 of the format

Here are photoshop templates where the guarantor is already placed according to these guidelines.

Example of advertisement / sponsored post

Sponsored ad with The Guarantor.