A sign is important communication for Lantmännen and the common brand. It is usually a large investment, it works together with all other signage in the group, and it will be visible for a long time and meet all target groups.

Therefore, Lantmännen's signage is governed by guidelines, and these are published in their entirety in a manual that is available on Inside. So you cannot decide the layout and design yourself.

Lantmännens has a contracted supplier who is knowledgeable about the rules and they must be used for all buildings in the Nordics. The supplier provides a complete service with everything from choosing a sign to building permits and installation. Ordering procedures can be found in the manual and in the Communications portal at Inside.

For units outside the Nordic region, local suppliers may be used if this is economically/practically necessary. All signs must be of equivalent quality and made according to the design and description here.

Applications - Signs and Flags

By signs and flags, we mean the following:

  • Strategic signage (primarily for marketing purposes)

  • Exterior signage

  • Interior signage

  • Exterior flags for flagpoles

Signs and flags have a fixed design with pre-determined appearance and tools for ordering. For more information and to order material, see Lantmännen Inside (only for coworkers)


Flags for flagpoles at our facilities all look the same, regardless of company. Our graphic symbol - the Sprout - is well known and used throughout the group. Flags must be changed regularly and information about ordering can be found on Lantmännen's intranet Inside. There is two versions - standard and free standing.

Interior signage

We have a design and sign system for interior signs for offices and facilities. You can find information about ordering on Lantmännen's intranet Inside.

Facade signs

Lantmännen has an established manual for exterior signs for simple and correct signage of our facilities and offices. The signs are produced according to the established system, and cover the need for direction, information and brand signs.

Overall - Signs on facilities

Lantmännen's sign system is based on clarifying our business and our brand.
The sign system should make it easier for the outside world to identify and show the way to our facilities.
  • Identify from a distance. Group identity shows where we are, with the help of our symbol and logo.
  • Entrance. Corporate identity tells you that the visitor has come to the right place, how they find the area and which activities are available at the facility.
  • Entrance. Corporate identity informs at the entrance and building.
Complete sign manual with all guidelines and ordering information is available on Lantmännen's Intranet or can be ordered via

Different type of signs we are working with

  1. A large pylon with the corporate logo is used for visibility from longer distances.
  2. A smaller pylon with the company logo is used for visibility from shorter distances.
  3. Facade sign with corporate logo identifies the facility from a longer distance.
  4. Flags can be used to identify Lantmännen's facilities from a long distance.
  5. Facade sign with company logo is used to identify the facility at a short distance.
  6. The portal is used to identify the entrance.
  7. Directional signs guide visitors within the area.
  8. Entrances, parking lots, gates, etc. are clearly marked with metal signs.

Rules for other brands

This section provides guidelines and principles for how Lantmännen's facade signs interact with signage for other brands, such as own product brands or brands that Lantmännen is a reseller of.
  1. Other brands are applied to tin signs where the background is happy to take the identity color of the product brand. The signs are placed tightly together without being close to each other. The space between the signs is always the same horizontally and vertically.

  2. The brand signs are always placed to the right of the Lantmännen logo.


4. The height for brand signs is set and based on the ratio of existing Product brand signs produced within Lantmännen Maskin's organization.
5. The height cannot be higher or as high as Lantmännen's sign.


6. The width of the brand signs is one third of the full width of the Lantmännen logo.

One or more brands

7. A single row of signs is placed so that they sit at the height of the lower case "n" in the Lantmännen logo. The distance between the Lantmännen and brand signs follows the rules regarding free space around the Lantmännen logo.
8. A double row of signs is placed so that they are centered vertically with the Grodden i Lantmännen logo. The distance between LM and WC signs follows the rules regarding free space around Lantmännen's logo.

Placement of brand signs

9. The brand signs can be grouped in different ways depending on the size and design of the placement area. 

Placement 2

When needed the brand signs can be placed underneth the corporate sign. We then aligng the signs with the "L" in Lantmännen, letting our symbol take more space.