Choice of paper grade

To ensure our printed materials communicates the correct feeling, we use uncoated paper, wherever possible.

We aim to work with the same type of paper grade across the board in our productions. A paper grade that matches our tonality and our promise.


Lantmännen primarily uses an uncoated paper grade when producing printed matter. This paper grade or the equivalent is to be specified when Lantmännen or Lantmännen companies are the publisher of printed matter.

First choice:  Our first choice of uncoated paper grade is Scandia 2000 White.


Scandia 2000 White is suitable for everything from design programmes, to direct mail, brochures, periodicals, books and illustrated catalogues.  The neutral whiteness of the paper ensures authentic colour reproduction, good readability and a feeling of high quality.

Scandia 2000 White is available in weights from 70 to 440 g.

Scandia 2000 White is used for our Annual Report and office printed matter.
- Compliment slips and business cards in 270 g weight.