Lantmännen as the sender

Lantmännen communicates with consumers on an overall level. The ambition is to strengthen our brand and through it our various businesses in all businesses.


  • In Lantmännen's communication (when Lantmännen as a group is the sender), we only use the group logo.

  • When a Lantmännen company communicates, the respective company logo is used as the sender.

  • When two or more Lantmännen companies are joint senders, the group logo is used. Read more under "Family brand"

  • When one or more Lantmännen-owned product brands are senders, the Guarantee is used. Read more under "Lantmännen as a guarantor".



  • We start from a location in the lower right corner.

  • Then the upper left corner.

  • In some cases, the sender can be placed centrally, especially in commercials and digital communication. See example below.

  • Managing and placement of logo, with free surfaces and in relation to other units, read more under Graphic building blocks / Logo


Example of centered location of the sender. Here with the Guarantor as sender, which was the current solution until 2021.

Commersials - Centered location

Commercials - centered location

Commercial - centered location

A company as a sender

When a Lantmännen company communicates to it's customers, the company logo is used. In other aspects, companies follow the same visual guidelines as Lanmännen in general.




  • Company logo is only used in B2B communication.

  • To avoid repetition and confusion, the group logo is used when two or more companies are joint senders.

    • In the same way, we avoid presenting more than one symbol (our sprout) per page / unit.

  • Handling of pvm logos together with company logos is regulated according to the guidelines here