Brand platform

This is a summary of our overall brand platform. It describes who Lantmännen is, what we do, what we stand for and what we are working towards. Our brand platform is the basis for everything we offer, in what way we contribute to our owners, customers and consumers and how we show this.

Our brand platform includes all operations, brands and audiences. The goal is to have a customer-focused way of working which helps us to achieve uniformity, relevance and synergies throughout Lantmännen.

Our brand platform is overall and works as a framework for the group. With the Lantmännen brand as a foundation we develop sharper brand platforms directly to our different target groups and markets. 

Our different product brands have their own brand platforms. If you need more information you can contact the respective company’s marketing department. Find our companies at

For some businesses we have chosen to create our own identities outside Lantmännen’s brand. The Swecon business is e.g. directly related to Volvo’s construction machines and Swecon therefore uses a platform that is in line with Volvo Construction Equipment’s identity.

Lantmännen's brand promise - Our promise to the market and to our stakeholders.

Together we take responsibility from field to fork

Lantmännen's vision - our long term goal

We lead the refinement of farmland resources in an innovative and responsible manner for the farming of tomorrow.

Lantmännen's aim/mission - why we exist

We make farming thrive

Lantmännen's mission to the owners

  • To contribute to the profitability of the members' farms
  • To optimize the return of the members' capital in the association

Lantmännens business concept - What we are, what we can do and how we create business

We are an agricultural cooperative that refines value from farmland resoucers in a responsible way.
We use our collective knowledge and our operations from field to fork lead the developement of the grain value chain.
We operate in an international market in which Sweden constitutes the foundation of our business activities.

Lantmännens unique assets - what differentiates us from the competitors

  • We are owned by Swedish farmers
  • We have operationsthroughout the entire chain from field to fork
  • We are at the forefront of research, innovation and sustainable development
  • We lead the development of creating value from arable land with focus on grain

Lantmännens values and and what affects, permeates and characterizes our actions, activities and organisation

Our values are:

  • Drive
  • Holistic view
  • Openness.