Interactive elements

Here you will find interactive elements and examples of how these can be designed to be specific to Lantmännen and our visual identity.

Buttons & links

Buttons are mainly used for important links, such as downloads. The style of the buttons should be simple and without rounded corners and shadows and should use the font Lantmännen Sans.

The primary link color is green and links can be extra highlighted with an arrow after the text. Read more about our colors here.

In exceptional cases, an arrow may suffice to show that an object is clickable.



Example of form elements.



Example of our hamburger menu.



Videos are a great way to engage visitors.

Text on top of video
Be mindful of the readability. A black plate with approx. 30% opacity can be added to the film as needed.

File size
Be careful about the compression and not to make videos too heavy in size. For mobile users, it may be worth considering avoiding self-playing movies altogether.