An important component of our identity that creates recognition in the communication in all channels.


We consistently use the following fonts:

Lantmännen Serif
is the typographical basis of our visual identity. Used mainly for headers because readability is affected when written in smaller degrees.

Lantmännen Sans
As a supplement to the Lantmannen Serif, Lantmannen Sans is used in other contexts, for example in bread texts and pictorial texts. Lantmännen Sans is best used for texts in the lower grades and for interactive text such as links.


Headlines should be carriers of our identity and be written with Lantmännen Serif Bold. Make them big (about 4 x the size of the body text). Please use one of our green colors or put it in white if it is to be on a picture. Avoid colors other than green, gray and white.

Other headings and introductions
Try to avoid using the green color in subheadings and prints. Partly because the green text color does not make itself as good on the web as it does in print, and partly because links already use the green color.

Examples of sizes from lantmännen.com: ingress = 1.4 x the size of the body text, headings 1.2-2 x the body text size.

Body text
Smaller texts should be written with Lantmännen Sans so that readability on screen should be as good as possible. At lantmännen.com, the body text is set to 17px in desktop.

Interactive text
Texts in links, forms and other interactive sites do best in Lantmännen Sans.